Simone Blanchard

Hello! My name is Simone Blanchard. I love music, art, books, and travel, and I love integrating those interests into my classroom. This will be my second year teaching and my first year as a Waldorf educator, and it has been so fun!

I grew up in California in the East Bay Area, and in my lifetime I have also had the opportunity to live in and travel to a number of other places. I spent part of my time in high school living in Maryland, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore the monuments and museums in Washington, DC. Later, I lived in Seoul, South Korea for 1.5 years, then spent a summer studying at Cambridge University in England. I have also cherished time I spent traveling in Denmark, Scotland, Norway, and France. Currently, Provo, Utah is my home base. 

I attended Brigham Young University and have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching. I also have experience teaching English as a Second Language as well as teaching Beginner- to Intermediate-level Korean.

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, watching movies and talking with loved ones, eating ice cream, and reading wonderful stories. I’m excited for another year of exploring and learning new things! 

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