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All the books on this page are PENDING STAGE ASSIGNMENT. They have not yet been typed in.

Golden Beetle Book Version Categories:

STAGE 1: Book Club/Curriculum Club: (350.00 for all 54 books. Price increases as we add more books): We put the books on the website by chapter in an organized manner and categorized under multiple headings so you can find specific topics very easily

STAGE 2: Pre-Edition Digital Download: (discount price: $10.00): We create a digital version of the book, a “PreEdition” that does not have the layout of the final print edition or official cover, but has all the content

STAGE 3: Final Digital Edition: ($15.00):We create an official digital edition of the book that looks exactly like the print edition

STAGE 4: Print Edition: ($35.00 per book): We make the print edition available

These books have all made the journey from Australia to Iowa. They have never existed in any digital form before so we cannot re-publish them until they complete the journey of being typed in, edited, re-edited, formatted, integrated with images, and then sent to the printers. Once they emerge from this process they will live again as 8″ x 11.5″ color editions with beautiful covers and with the name of the book on the spine so you can easily see which book you have when looking at your bookshelf. If you would like to see one move into “first place” in the editing process please contact us at:

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