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All the Books on this page are STAGE 1 books.

However, some are also available at other stages (check the categories below for specific books available at different stages)

Golden Beetle Book Version Categories:

STAGE 1: Book Club/Curriculum Club: (350.00 for all 54 books. Price increases as we add more books): We put the books on the website by chapter in an organized manner and categorized under multiple headings so you can find specific topics very easily

STAGE 2: Pre-Edition Digital Download: (discount price: $10.00): We create a digital version of the book, a “PreEdition” that does not have the layout of the final print edition or official cover, but has all the content

STAGE 3: Final Digital Edition: ($15.00):We create an official digital edition of the book that looks exactly like the print edition

STAGE 4: Print Edition: ($35.00 per book): We make the print edition available

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