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From Nancy:
Carl Larsson’s books about the life on his farm, Spardarvet in western Sweden, were some of the most sparkling jewels on our bookshelf during the time when our children were growing up. They are so filled with life and beauty, and the portrayals of family and farm life in those days are so wonderful that we spend hours and hours just pouring over them, talking about what the people were doing, what certain things in the room were, thinking about family and home and life.

I can’t recommend these highly enough – they are the sort of books that are pulled from the shelf time and time again, to be looked at anew by everyone, regardless of age.

Author: Carl Larsson

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From the publisher:
Carl Larsson is one of Sweden’s best-loved artists. His stunning watercolours of his home and family from the end of the nineteenth century are acclaimed as one of the richest records of life at that time. The paintings in this book all depict the farm of Spadarvet in Sundborn, in west Sweden, which Carl Larsson bought in 1897. The accompanying text provides a fascinating insight into farm life, and into Carl’s painting techniques. Today, over 60,000 tourists a year visit Sundborn to admire Larsson’s home and work.

32 pages, 21 color plates, 11 1/2″ x 8 1/4″, 2007.

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