Add-on: Lifetime Member (To Existing Lifetime Membership) with Living Lessons

USD $1,250.00

Important Note: Please read this Lifetime Package FAQs page and the description before forming a co-op or making a co-op purchase. Please e-mail us at: with any questions.


Note: This is an add-on to the Basic Lifetime Family Package DOES include Living Lessons. 

Existing co-ops or individual Lifetime Members can use this purchase button to add on additional members to their co-op/membership. Since Lifetime individual and Lifetime co-op  memberships are non-transferable (by gifting, transfer, sale or any other method) any new member joining an existing co-op and wanting to use the Earthschooling materials needs to pay an add-on fee to receive access to the materials. This add-on price only includes the Basic Lifetime Family Curriculum Package. If you want to add-on the High School Curriculum Package please add that to your cart using the link HERE.