Add-on: Unani Tibb Course: SINGLE PERSON

USD $625.00


This add-on is valid for one person only. If your entire co-op wants to purchase an add-on please use the co-op purchase option.

Are you a Lifetime/Family Package Member but are also interested in exploring Unani Tibb? These classes are for adults but they can also be used for high school students. Purchasing this add-on allows you access to all the course materials, e-books, MP3s and videos as an audit student of the Unani Tibb Courses. You also receive access to the student lounge where you can interact with other students and post questions.  Audit students do not receive certification, graded exams and assignments, or interaction with the class instructor. However, this audit package is perfect if you would like to learn more to enrich your knowledge on the topics offered at The Avicenna Institute. In addition, any audit student is eligible to upgrade their status to a full student at any time or in any of the individual courses. The price you have already paid to be an audit student is subtracted from any upgrade fees.