An Outline for a Renewal of Waldorf Education

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Mark Riccio’s book is a masterful presentation not only of the heart of Waldorf Education, but of ways of nurturing the heart-opening approach of this educations such that it – and those who teach it – spring to life, creative and loving in the here and now. Heart-Thinking, an articulation of Steiner’s cognitive approach, when done with open eyes, a smiling face, and a warm heart leads the thinker through successive levels of understanding, each culminating in a flowering metamorphosis transforming into the next level. So, too, Riccio’s 100 page gem of a book – to engage in his understanding, to try out his exercises (which are fun – no long faces here!), is to find oneself at a point of transformation – and the choice (the only real choice) is to embrace life more fully, open your heart, and move on to the next level.

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