Bananas Hardly Say Anything During the Day

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Author: Alison Cheroff

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What a delightful journey in beginning piano! A combination of modernistic, jazzy, and classical sounding pieces in Cheroff’s new piano book are woven into a storyline told by an elder ripe banana with dark pigtails named Grandnana. The story is about five banana souls who play in a galaxy called Oob and yet need to find something to give before they return to Earth. Each song is brought to life with Cheroff’s celestial watercolor paintings. Optional duet parts give students a chance to hear inspirational sounds while playing simple musical lines.

Cheroff is as a Taubman-trained teacher with decades of experience who shows injured musicians how to unify their fingers, hands and forearms and play with ease. Her new book is both whimsical and instructive and will charm any new piano student. Highly recommended!

38 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 2017

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