BEarth Academy: Math Package: Eleventh Grade

USD $1,135.00

Have you hit that fifth grade year and find you are starting to need some math support?You are not alone. Are you homeschooling multiple children and finding upper class math lessons the most difficult to find time for? You are not alone. Do you feel like you want to offer your child a more in-depth as well as creative math experience? But you still want it to be Waldorf based? You are not alone! The BEarth Institute has teamed up with Jamie York to offer a new program with enhanced live and virtual experiences from the classroom.


Note that all 10th, 11th & 12th grade students are also required to sign up for Friday tutoring with Jamie York. The cost is only $15.00 a week and can be paid quarterly. This is not included in the price you are paying now. This is the ONLY extra expense you will have once you make your purchase.

These living classroom experiences use the Earthschooling curriculum as the base of study but offer live and/or recorded classes to enhance the experience and/or assist the busy parent. Choose a package based on your needs below. Be sure to enroll before the first quarter starts so you don’t miss a lesson! Our “school year” is 32-weeks long, divided into four quarters of 8-weeks each, as shown below. 

New students may enroll below. If you already own the Earthschooling curriculum please contact us at: for a coupon code. The programs below are sold by the year. However, if you already own the Earthschooling curriculum for the grade you will be enrolling in you are eligible for a discount.

After you make your payment for the course please fill out the following form with your student’s information…

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*This NEW program is jointly owned by The Bearth Institute and Jaime York Publications and is not part of or any existing curriculum package.*

All Packages Come With

  1. One year of Earthschooling curriculum for your grade
  2. All Earthschooling teacher support videos and tutorials for that grade (see details here)
  3. Full enrollment in Jamie York’s math classes for the year (see below for details). Each class will have lectures (around 45 minutes) on Monday and Wednesday, given by Jamie.  The lectures are “active”, meaning that the students are frequently asked to do problems, or think about something.
  4. Math books your student will need for the year from the Making Math Meaningful™workbook will be provided as digital pages.
  5. Your student will be assigned to an Earthschooling study group of up to 6 students for math which they can also use to meet for other topics. Workgroups meet twice per week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday, at times arranged by the people in that group.
  6. Parent meetings will take place twice per quarter with Jamie York (about once every four weeks).  The schedule for the upcoming school year has yet to be determined.
  7. ONE Easy Portal & login to access all your curriculum and classes.

Jamie York Math Academy School Year

The Math Academy school year is 32-weeks long, divided into four quarters of 8-weeks each (as shown in the calendar here). The first day of the Math Academy is Monday, September 6. The last day is Friday, May 27. Please note that because the lectures are recorded, the calendar dates are very flexible.  For example, any school can simply make its own calendar for the 32-week Math Academy program.  Students in the Southern Hemisphere can start their Math Academy school year in January, as long as the other students in the work group use the same school calendar.

Starting Times for the Friday Tutorial Sessions

(You will need to pay $15.00 a week extra for these sessions directly to Jamie York)

The below start times for our Friday Tutorial Sessions are given in MT (Mountain Time), which is 2 hours behind ET, and 1 hour ahead of PT.

Each tutorial session is approximately 55-minutes long.

Grade 5 (with Sean):  9am  or  noon MT

Grade 6 (with Maria):  11:30am  or  3pm MT

Grade 7 (with Maria):  10:30am  or  2pm MT

Grade 8 (with Matthew):  9am  or  2pm MT

Grade 9 (with Matthew):  10:30am MT

Grade 10 (with Matthew):  12:30pm MT

Grade 11 (with Jamie):  9:30am MT

Grade 12 (with Jamie):  11am MT

Times for the Student Work Groups

There are many student work groups for each grade, and they meet at a variety of times.  We try our best to put students in a work group that matches their ability level and works for the family’s schedule.

Quarter #1 

  • The Philosophy and Geometry of René Descartes (main lesson Sept 16 – Oct 4)
  • Cartesian Geometry (graphing linear equations)
  • Problem solving

Quarter #2 

  • Imaginary & Complex Numbers – Part I
  • Cartesian Geometry (conic sections, systems of equations)
  • Trigonometry (Right triangle trig, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines)

Quarter #3 

  • Introduction to functions
  • Projective Geometry (main lesson Feb 24 – Mar 13)
  • Problem solving
  • Perm, Comb & Probability review and deepen

Quarter #4 

  • Trigonometry (Six Trig Functions, Law of Tangents, trig unit circle, radian measure)
  • Cartesian Geometry (polynomial equations, systems of equations)
  • Logarithms (building from 10th grade)
  • Trigonometry (Six Trig Functions, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Law of Tangents, trig unit circle, radian measure)
  • Imaginary & Complex Numbers – Part II

More About Jamie York’s Math Academy

 Jamie York’s Math Academy offers students from 5th through 12th grade a unique opportunity to participate in engaging distance-learning classes with other students in their own grade all under the guidance of Jamie York. The Waldorf-oriented program has been carefully designed to foster mathematical thinking, develop solid math skills, and enliven an enthusiasm for learning.

Jamie’s students will need to watch Jamie’s recorded lectures and participate in live video conferencing (with their parents at their side for grades 5 and 6). Beyond that, the program does not involve any other use of computers, such as Internet research, watching math videos, etc.

Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of introducing children to things at the developmentally appropriate time.  Each family needs to consciously decide when their child should begin to engage with the various forms of modern technology.  We believe that technology opens up exciting possibilities for homeschool families, but we honor families’ wishes to minimize their child’s exposure to media.

Read More About Jamie York Here

See Lesson Plans for Each Grade Here

 Commitment and Refund Policy

In order to honor our commitment to our tutors and our commitment to the other families, we ask that your payment indicates your commitment to have your child complete the full 8-week quarter.  If a student drops out of the class by the end of the first week of the quarter, the family will be refunded for the portion of the quarter that was not attended, minus a $50 administration fee.  There are no refunds after the first week.