Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level 3

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This purchase includes: 3 ‘level three’ videos and one PDF with stories. These videos are exclusive to Earthschooling and cannot be found on any other website.

The skills the teacher learns in this three-part video set will be used in all grades. In addition, instructions for modifying the drawings in the videos are included so you can create endless variations on each picture. Specific topics cover drawings that can be used in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second, third and fourth, fifth & sixth grade. Topics covered include: The night sky, watercolor washes, constellations, advanced figures, advanced scenery, advanced landscapes & waterfalls.

Each video in this series is a different length: Tutorial Three (has three videos)

PDF Guide
#1: 24 minutes, 31 seconds
#2: 20 minutes, 16 seconds
#3: 21 minutes, 41 seconds

In Level Three the teacher and student will learn about:

  1. How to place constellations on a paper
  2. Telling constellation stories
  3. How to add stars to the night sky with block crayons
  4. The best techniques for using the white crayon
  5. Using gestures to create constellation forms
  6. Overlaying a form on top of another image
  7. Adding detail to a night sky
  8. Creating a 3D boat through form, shading, gesture and blending
  9. Creating advanced water gestures
  10. Creating 3D effects in water
  11. Using gestures and shading in a different order
  12. How to add a ‘light source’ to your picture to create 3D effect
  13. Review of figure drawing lessons including gesture lines, body form, shoulders, hips, shading, limbs and objects
  14. Advanced figure drawing skills with clothing, head details, advanced shading and multiple color layers.
  15. How to add a horizon and foreground
  16. How to create objects that are closer and farther away
  17. How to add reflections & shadows to water and other objects.
  18. Adding details to animal and figure scenes
  19. How to create the illusion of great size
  20. How to create the illusion of distance in a sky scene
  21. Creating land forms & rocks through gestures, edges and shading
  22. Creating the illusion of layers.
  23. Creating frames within your landscape.
  24. Creating falling water standing water, splashing, falling & pooling.
  25. Adding directional light sources to create depth and dimension.
  26. How to use ‘The Harmony of Threes’
  27. How to add details to an advanced landscape.
  28. How to repeat colors and balance colors in landscapes
  29. How to ‘lead the eye’ in a pictures.

This video also comes with seven stories and a PDF outline with a list of skills, exercises, techniques and extra tips and ideas. This video set comes free with your purchase of the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package or the Teacher Support Package. You can see a small sample below…

Block Crayon Tutorials: Level Three: Sample