Consulting Add-on: CO-OP OPTION

USD $360.00


This add-on is valid for co-ops up to ten members who already own (or are purchasing now) the Earthschooling Lifetime Curriculum Package as a co-op together. If you want to purchase this as an individual (nobody else in your co-op wants to join with you or you are not part of a co-op) please use the single person purchase option. This group purchase allows you to split the 6 hours between all your co-op members.

We have a great support network on our member forums. You can login to the private Facebook forum any time and usually find someone there to help. You can also post questions to the Yahoogroups and receive answers from our staff and other members. In addition, we offer free tech support (downloading, printing, using videos, etc…). However, if you feel you would benefit from having some one-on-one time with our curriculum director, Kristie Burns you can purchase this add-on. This add-on gives you credit for 6 hours of consulting time by e-mail, phone and/or text. You will be given her private number so you can call and text her any time with questions. You will also be able to set up consulting appointments if you want to focus on any issues within the realm of homeschooling, Waldorf, natural well-being, the temperaments or career development. The regular cost of 6 hours of consulting is $450.00. 


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