Early Reader Series – A First Set of Six Readers: All-In-One-Book Version

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These warm and wonderful readers will delight both students and teachers as they guide young children along they path of written language one step at a time. Where Arthur Pittis’s brilliant Waldorf Reader set was created for use after that basics of word recognition and sound decoding have been accomplished, Shelley Davidow’s Early Readers have been written as a way to help draw those skills into being.

All these readers are in one book. This is not the individual book version.

Author: Written and Illustrated by Shelley Davidow

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Written in order and phonetically, each story focuses on specific word groups, sounds and sentence structures. Succeeding stories build on these skills and then move on to the next level of skill. These are, in fact, conceived much in the same way as the old Dick and Jane readers of my youth, but with a very important difference: namely, Davidow’s stories have a warm “heart content.” Even we adults come to really care about these characters, and the children come to really love them and live imaginatively in their world. Not to mention the warm simplicity of the illustrations – wonderful!

Whether you are rewarding an eager reader with a first experience of reading something someone else wrote, or helping a struggling reader get the hang of all those letters, these readers are sheer joy for everyone.

The Readers, in order, are:

  • Sam Cat and Nat Rat: This pair begin by annoying each other and end up friends.
  • Ned and Fred: A pig and a dog don’t think they’ve got much in common, but discover they both love to do the same things.
  • Len Bug and Jen Slug: It’s amazing how much fun you can have and what you can learn from those who are very different from you.
  • Jake the Snake: Jake doesn’t like moles (and probably a lot of other creatures, too!), but decides to change his mind after getting to know one.
  • Tim’s Boat: Tim builds a toy boat for himself, but discovers it was really built for three other creatures, too.
  • Kay and Jay: Kay and Jay are two snails who have lots of fun playing together. One day they are caught in a hail storm and have to help each other find shelter. When the sun comes out, the play begins again.

Grades 1-3

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