Easter – An Introductory Reader

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An important aspect of Steiner’s lifework was his goal of making the festivals of the Christian year come alive for modern people. To this end, he have many lectures and encouraged artistic performances, as well as joyous celebration. I have personally found his discussions of the festivals to be among the most meaningful throughout my life. I’m delighted to see this series in print and believe they will go a long way to increase both understanding and joy.

Author: Rudolf Steiner

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In this introductory reader, Barton collects excerpts from Steiner’s many talks and writings on Easter. It also features an editorial introduction, afterword, commentary, and notes.


  • Can we Celebrate Easter?
  • The Earth and the Cosmos
  • Rising Sun
  • Nature and Resurrection
  • Golgotha, the Central Deed of Evolution
  • Easter, a Festival for the Future

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