Famous Men of Ancient Rome – Lives of Caesar, Nero, Marcus Aurelius and Others

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This is one of the most interesting histories ever written with young students in mind — it would make an unbeatable reader during the 6th Grade Roman History block — or for any young person who finds him- or herself longing to learn more about the glory that was Rome.

Its biographical sketches are arranged chronologically from 753 BC, the estimated founding of Rome, to AD 476, the fall of the Western Empire. As the successive movers and shakers of what became the Roman Empire stand shoulder to shoulder, as it were, readers will be able to see how their actions and ideas influenced and Rome and the world beyond.

Author: John H Haaren and A B Poland

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The 30 chapters start with the legend of Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a wolf and grew up to found the Eternal City. Students will also meet a fascinating variety of actual historical figures, including Cincinnatus, who chose to be a farmer instead of a dictator; Nero, the mad emperor, and the warlike Julius Caesar. They’ll encounter Marcus Aurelius, the emperor who used his own money to help the poor and who walked the streets, greeting people and listening to their troubles so that he could be a better leader.


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