Fifth Grade Block Four: Ancient Persia Part II & Grammar

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This fifth grade block unit is part of our new “daily planner” series. In this series every lesson is planned out for you in detail for every part of the day, 5-days a week. Feedback from members is that this makes Waldorf education “very easy” and “effortless” for them. It also makes working with multiple ages a breeze as each grade of these blocks has a parallel schedule.

This fourth block focuses on Ancient Persia with a supporting lesson block that takes the student through grammar concepts such as sentence diagramming, advanced parts of speech and how to write a short story. Verses as well as handwork and art projects from Persia are included in this block. This block also includes instructions and printables for creating an Ancient Persian Market to use as a teaching tool.

This block also contains some suggestions for November and can be used as a November lesson block. However, it can also be easily used any time of year (it is not dependent on the month) and can be used “out of order” as well. Although this is “block four” it can be used as any block in your curriculum. Each of these blocks is planned out according to a 30-day month. However, you can extend the lessons beyond the month if you want to.

All of these lessons include instructions, stories, gorgeous pictures you can recreate for your classroom and more. All you need to do is “open and go” with this lesson block. We have done all the rhythm and planning work for you, we have even arranged lessons in a rotation of “head, heart & hands”.

As an extra bonus all of these block schedules fit seamlessly with the schedules from all our other grades so teaching multiple ages together becomes much easier!

If you would like all 10 “daily planner” lesson blocks for the fifth grade curriculum (you also gain access to all the regular blocks where each subject is arranged individually as a flexible subject block only) along with all the teacher support materials, access to the member forum, access to the Q & A session with our Waldorf teacher once a week and eurythmy lessons please see our “Fifth Grade Curriculum Package“. If you purchase this block and want to upgrade to the package within 30 days you can receive credit for this purchase. Please let us know.