Dragonfire Series Book #4: Firestar — OUT OF PRINT

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Neil, Clara and Lewis are spending their Easter break with a friend in Glenmorven, near Aberdeen, unaware that the very existence of their magical friends is at stake, as stone giants rise from the mountains, and Prince Kalman throws his lot in with the most unexpected companions.

Author: Anne Forbes

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Can Firestar, the heart of all magic, battle the enemy from within before Arthur, the MacArthurs, and the Lords of the North are lost forever? Hobgoblins and an itinerant pop group called the Jelly Beans all contrive to bamboozle the cleverest minds that NASA has to offer, while the lure of the Glastonbury festival shines in the distance.

A new spin on the Highland clearances, caused by a malevolent piece of technology with a mind of its own! Fun and excitement from start to finish.

Ages 9-12

The order of the books is:

Dragon Fire: Book 1
Wings of Ruksh: Book 2
The Underground City: Book 3
Firestar: Book 4
Witch Silver: Book 5
Dragon Seeker: Book 6

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