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A lifelong resident cleric of the Holy Land, Canon J.E. Hanauer lovingly gathered these folk tales from an area that is home to three great religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Originally published in 1907, these stories not only touch upon mythical events surrounding the lives of revered religious figures, but also reveal the past histories of places, tribes, people and languages, and describe the daily lives and activities of the regions inhabitants.

Author: J.E. Hanauer

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Hanauer gives us stories in all three traditions describing the Creation; the lives of saints and sinners; the cause of earthquakes and eclipses; the deaths of Aaron and Moses; and the lives of David, Solomon, and Simon the Just. There are legends and anecdotes of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, detective stories and bits of unwritten history, and the Saragossan Purim. Nursery tales are included as are stories and lore about the Angel of Death, animals, plants, magic cures and other subjects.

Hanauer retells these stories with a gentle charm that is sure to captivate any listener or reader. There is really something for every age and interest here — as there is in the land these stories come from.

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