8 Living Lessons Sample Pack! Full Classes!

USD $25.00

These NEW Living Lesson Packages include everything that is in our Earthschooling Curriculum Packages but they go above and beyond by also providing you with Living Lessons. Living Lessons are video lessons where a teacher leads the class through a variety of main lessons, specialized lessons, stories, handwork, crafts, painting, form drawing, music, and more! You can use these lessons as examples to follow for your own teaching or can use them as supplements to your own teaching (we all need a break now and then. I would have loved to have these available on days I was ill or was taking care of my fussy baby). See a  full description of your downloads below…


Included in this download are:

Hedgehog Discovers Autumn with Waldorf Teacher Amy Cho

A Starry Sky Painting with Waldorf Teacher Nicole

Introduction to Teaching Waldorf Vowels with Teacher Janet

Lesson for the Vowel Sound O – OHHHHH with Teacher Janet

-ea Words and a Selkie Story with Waldorf Teacher Simone

Lower case letter -k- with Teacher Amy Williams

Waldorf Kinesthetic Movement Lesson #1 with Waldorf Teacher Joy

Cherokee Creation Story: Day Three with Waldorf Teacher Joy