Hand Bookbinding

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Rudolf Steiner established Bookbinding as one of the required classes in the high school curriculum of the original Waldorf School. In his day, this was actually an essential skill for anyone wishing to build a personal library: books were sold in unbound signatures; it was up to the buyer to create a protective (and hopefully beautiful) cover. In our day, Bookbinding is still taught in Waldorf high schools, and although it is no longer a necessary skill, it is a richly rewarding one.

Author: Aldren A Watson

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This is one of those how-to books that has everything you could want in it – it will take you and/or your student(s) step-by-step through the basics of bookbinding, and then introduce you to some very elegant techniques as well. Watson details materials and tools, and even offers some history as well. Everything is illustrated with beautiful and clear drawings and explained clearly and completely. I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with bookbinding by the time they finish looking through the book.

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