Helping Children on Their Way

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Teachers and parents know that each child is a tiny miracle, a complex puzzle needing to be solved. This book is packed with insights from experienced teachers in Waldorf schools describing methods that a teacher can employ to help an individual child while helping an entire class. Child observation, movement exercises, eye-hand coordination, effective tracking of the difficulties a child might have, temperaments, artistic work, moveable classrooms, disciplinary techniques, understanding the place of sleep, hands-on activities, and much, much more are all packed into this one book.

Author: Elizabeth Auer

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Elizabeth Auer, the editor, has gathered 30 chapters from almost as many teachers to instruct us on approaches that can unlock the mystery presented by every child we teach. Her own years of experience in remedial ideas for support of every student along with a whole class makes the selection of topics and teachers especially incisive and complete. Parents, too, can use the book to help a child at home with learning challenges.


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