How Batistine Made Bread

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How Batistine Made Bread

Batistine lived in the olden days, long before your great-, great-, great-, great grandmother’s mother was even born.  Mostly she liked to climb trees or watch her mother and father make things around the farm.  But when she turned seven, she wanted to make her own breakfast all by herself – from scratch!

Author: Treska Lindsey

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You and your children can follow Batistine has she milks the cow, gathers eggs, harvests and winnows the wheat, grinds flour and much more, until at last she has baked a fragrant loaf of bread and is ready for breakfast!

Wonderful for any child, Treska Lindsey’s warm recapturing the wonder of what ‘bread’ is really all about, How Batistine Made Bread is especially suited for children about age 8 or 9, who are ready for the cooking part of the Waldorf 3rd grade curriculum.

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