How to Draw Portraits (How to Draw Shakespeare) – NEW!

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This video is free with the Eighth Grade Earthschooling Curriculum.



This amazing 30-minute video by Joey Tan, made exclusively for Earthschooling gives you step-by-step instructions on how to recreate a portrait of any historical figure. She uses Shakespeare as an example but you can apply these techniques to any historical portrait. In this video you will start with Joey and a blank piece of paper and end with a portrait of Shakespeare. Along the way you will watch every step of the procedure. We have kept the technique on regular speed so you can hear instructions and copy her. However, we have sped up some of the process so you won’t miss a minute of the process but you won’t have to sit for 2 hours to watch it happen. This is an essential video for any parent/teacher who needs to present portraits to their student(s) for history lessons. This video is also suitable for any older student who would like to learn the process of drawing portraits.