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Author: Melanie Falick

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What a great book for young knitters (and older knitters looking for an introduction they can understand)! There are delightful and useful projects that take a beginning knitter all the way from an introduction to the basic tools of the trade to dying yarn (although all the projects name the commercial yarns that were used), making needles, shearing sheep and more. Then come the projects: these range from a basic bean bag as a beginning, then a pocket scarf and hat set with optional tassels, a patchwork afghan, knit dolls, puppets, and a stuffed caterpillar, a ribbed scarf, backpacks, purses, more caps, magic spiral tube socks (I made these – a truly great pattern for anyone!) and – finally – a sweater. This introduction is hard to beat for enthusiasm and thoroughness – great for beginners of all ages!

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