Kindergarten Waldorf Earthschooling Core Curriculum

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The Waldorf Kindergarten is the bridge between family and school life. The Kindergarten child learns through imitative and creative play in a warm, homelike environment, using cloths and simple natural materials. Social skills are developed as children play side by side, listening and sharing and helping one another. If your child is learning at home social skills can be cultivated with parents, relatives, and siblings through play, interaction and modeling. Rest and circle time follow morning free play and cleanup. The teacher leads games, poems, seasonal songs and little dramas, which work in the children to integrate their whole being. A snack at the lovely table set with candles is preceded by a verse, then everyone moves outside for playtime. Each day has an…(please scroll down to see the complete description of this bundle along with free samples…)


…artistic activity which creates a soothing weekly rhythm for the child. Activities include watercolor painting, drawing, beeswax modeling, seasonal crafts, sewing and finger knitting. Hearing a fairy tale, acting it out, or seeing a puppet play completes the morning. Capable and loving teachers specializing in education for the early years plan the school life with the child’s special talents and needs in mind.

All of your curriculum materials including mp3s are available through a teacher portal immediately after you make your purchase. These lessons are all open-and-go, making your teaching experience smoother and easier.

This package also comes with Mp3s for both the verses and all the stories!

This package does not come with teacher tutorials. If you would like all the teacher education materials beyond the basic ones provided below please see our curriculum package listing HERE. If you decide to upgrade later you can receive credit for this purchase. This package comes with:

*24-Hour member forum
*Bi-monthly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher worth over $180.00 a year
*Access to member photo galleries
*Access to your experience on any device – mobile phone, tablet or computer – from any location
*Member chat forums
*Weekly newsletter with tips, updates and more
*Free updates for life (we add new material every year)
*Cultural & language enrichment lessons including Spanish, German, French, Arabic and more worth over $185.00

Main Lessons
Each of the months below includes a weekly planner guide with specific daily lessons

January Kindergarten Lessons
February Kindergarten Lessons
March Kindergarten Lessons
April Kindergarten Lessons
May Kindergarten Lessons
June Kindergarten Lessons
July Kindergarten Lessons
August Kindergarten Lessons
September Kindergarten Lessons
October Kindergarten Lessons
November Kindergarten Lessons
December Kindergarten Lessons

Teacher Guides & Extras
Sheet Music for the Year
Kindergarten Supply List
Kindergarten Planner
My Waldorf Year for the Northern Hemisphere
My Waldorf Year for the Southern Hemisphere
Waldorf 101 Guide
Waldorf Basics Guide
Earthschooling Basic Planner
Organization and the Temperaments (Planners based on temperaments)

Music Lessons
Verses for Kindergarten (Listed by Month)
MP3s for Kindergarten Verses

Enrichment and Extra Lessons
Garden Themes for the Month (PDF)
Extra Fingerplays (PDF)
Guide to Science Stories Preschool Through Fourth Grade (PDF)

Legal Support
Lists of Curriculum Concepts to Submit to State Supervising Teacher
Correspondence Charts between Earthschooling & Core Curriculum for State Board

Extra Member Benefits
Member Blog with Extra Lessons Indexed by Grade, Season and Topic
Kindergarten Grade Chat Room
24-Hour Member Forum
Free Support
FAQs Page for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Links Page
Member Galleries of the Kindergarten Year, Classrooms & Lessons
Kristie’s Private Galleries of Earthschooling Photos

Available Benefits for an Extra Fee
All the items listed above come with the kindergarten grade curriculum. However, we also offer the following services below for an additional fee:
Graduation Certificates & Transcripts Available for Additional Fee
Certified Teacher Consultations Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Waldorf Teacher Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Handwork Teacher Available for Additional Fee

Kindergarten Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling Kindergarten Earthschooling Kindergarten Sample

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