Late Lifetime Family Core Curriculum Bundle

USD $750.00

For full curriculum packages that include all the teacher support videos for that grade (how to wet-on-wet watercolor, use block crayons, do needle-felting, etc.) for preschool through high school please see our curriculum package page here. The Core Bundles do not come with teacher support video, eurythmy, or Living Lessons.”

With this package you receive the full core curriculum you need for each grade 4th Grade through high school (see the Lifetime Bundle for younger children). This bundle is worth over $2,600.00 and includes planners, assignments, lessons, verses, e-books, and all the mp3s for each grade. You will be able to teach each grade without purchasing additional materials. This package also includes basics such as…(scroll down to the complete listing below)


Teacher Guides & Extras
Sheet Music for the Year
Supply Lists
Grade-specific Curriculum Planners
My Waldorf Year for the Northern Hemisphere
My Waldorf Year for the Southern Hemisphere
Waldorf 101 Guide
Waldorf Basics Guide
Earthschooling Basic Planner
Organization and the Temperaments (Planners based on temperaments)

This bundle does not include the Teacher Support Package so it is recommended for those parents/teachers with experience (or access to tutorials) in Waldorf methods such as chalk-drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor, knitting, block crayon drawing, and more.

For the Premier Lifetime Family Package that includes the Teacher Support Package please see the listing HERE.

This package also includes:

  1. Access to all the Kids Can Heal classes (natural healing classes for kids)
  2. Access to the full set of photography classes for kids
  3. Free membership in our private Facebook group where you can post questions and receive answers 24-hours a day.
  4. The Family Lifetime Core Bundle cost changes according to how many materials are being offered at the time of enrollment. This cost increases at least twice a year and sometimes more frequently depending on the expansion of our programs. However, you make only this is a one-time payment and receive all the upgrades for life!
  5. Bi-monthly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher worth over $180.00 a year
  6. Access to member photo galleries
  7. Access to your experience on any device – mobile phone, tablet or computer – from any location
  8. Member chat forums
  9. Weekly newsletter with tips, updates and more
  10. Free updates for life (we add new material multiple times throughout the year)

With a Lifetime Core Bundle you never pay anything again for homeschooling from fourth grade through high school! This package has a current value of over $2,600.00

FAQs about the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package