Left Hand Writing Skills – Book 3

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The third book of this series consolidates the process of developing good writing habits. Here, the writer applies what has been learned in Books 1 and 2 to writing with a pen. Ink is the real test of success for the left-handed writer! First, to form words which are accurate and legible, and then to avoid smudging them as the left hand follows the pen across the page.

Author: Mark and Heather Stewart

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Successful smudge-free writing can help overcome the frustration of so many left-handers. Note-taking, essay-writing, homework production and other normal handwriting uses can become satisfying events – no longer a source of disappointment.

The worksheets in Book 3 provide a wide variety of activities, all linked to handwriting in one way or another. From early Egyptian tablets, to Leonardo da Vinci’s curious mirror-writing, invitations, shopping lists and menu cards. Full-color illustrations once again help keep the interest of the left-handed student while the correct left hand habits are finally absorbed.

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