Let’s Do a Play (For Grades 1 -5): Digital Edition

USD $9.95



This book is exclusive to Earthschooling. You will not find this book in any other location. This book is included with the Teacher Support Package and Lifetime Family Curriculum Package.

This book can be opened and read on any computer, mobile device, tablet, or phone. It can also be printed for personal use if desired. The price of this book comes with the rights to print copies you will use for a production (for example, one for each student in the play)

In this book you will find:

  • 11 full class plays for every grade from one to five with music.
  • Appropriate musical accompaniment is given.
  • The perfect resource for the time-challenged teacher.
  • The plays are grouped in easy-to-find categories
  • A detailed list of an additional 300 Waldorf plays and where to find them.

See a free sample of this book below…

Sample of “Let’s Do a Play for Grades One Through Five” by Waldorf Teacher, Colin Price