Life is the Curriculum

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From the Lifeways Website:

“Here is a book that reaches out with an inviting hand to walk with you through the gently unfolding landscape of early childhood. It will likely leave you smiling and with a renewed reverence for the path of parenting, but most of all Cynthia’s depth of vision gives voice to our own parental instincts and leaves us with a feeling that ‘I can do this.’” —Kim John Payne M.Ed, author of Simplicity Parenting, Beyond Winning and The Soul of Discipline

Author: Cynthia Aldinger

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Transform your experience with young children by exploring how the best curriculum for the young child springs from life itself. Learn how Life, the Child, the Adult and the Environment all form the perfect learning ground for the young child, whether at home or in childcare/preschool. Cynthia describes the principles behind LifeWays childcare with numerous examples and shows how they grow out of Rudolf Steiner’s indication to “take home as the model” to meet the needs of young children. A practical book for parents, childcare providers and early childhood teachers from across the spectrum of approaches today.

Janni Nicol, author and editor of KINDLING, The Journal for Waldorf Early Childhood in the United Kingdom writes about Life is the Curriculum:

“An engaging, insightful and inspiring book that encourages an ‘I can do it, too’ attitude in the reader. Filled with clear guidance, practical examples and inspiration from Rudolf Steiner, you will be encouraged to form your own program or adapt your lifestyle. The ‘ponderables’ at the end of each chapter give practical guidance and help us on a path of self-development. Building a curriculum around the child requires that we become open to nature, that our senses become alive; we will be more in the moment, and life will become as joyful for us as it can be for children everywhere.”

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