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Dvinka Hayda’s birthday story is so beautiful and true that it brought tears to my eyes when first I read it. Out of her many years as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, she has added elements to her story that I have never encountered anywhere else, and that serve to encircle the child whose birthday it is with the warm, glowing love of Heave and Earth.

Her story begins as Little Angel and Great Angel journey together toward Earth. On the way, they discover many things and Little Angel sees the Earth from cloud-filled distances, watching it and loving it more each day, learning that the Earth would be Little Angel’s new home…

Author: Told and illustrated by Dzvinka Hayda

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The day comes when Little Angel and Great Angel walk together to take Little Angel to Earth. Great Angel takes Little Angel to Radiant Sun and Silvery Moon, who have gifts that are just for Little Angel.

Down the Rainbow Bridge and into the hearts and home of Little Angel’s parents they go. But Great Angel returns to Heaven, taking Little Angel’s wings for safekeeping until all Little Angel’s good deeds on Earth are accomplished, and Little Angel returns to use them again.

And it is this last facet which is such a poignant joy to see – that we enter the world with good deeds to do, and when they are done we shall return to Great Angel and the wings we left behind.

Any child enfolded in this tale will carry a seed of comfort, confidence and courage that will grow into an adult strength of purpose and love. My hope is that this story goes out into the world, and that for each adult who learns it, children ten-fold hear it; and for each child who hears it told to him/her, that child’s confidence of life is shared with ten who have not had it told to them. May this seed become a great tree with many, many healthy, beautiful branches.

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