Music Mountain: A Story to Teach Musical Notes: Digital Edition

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When I asked one of our writers to write this story I expected a charming and magical story that would help teach students about musical notes. However, when I read the first draft from the author, Sofi Mandil, I was amazed. She had gone a few steps beyond what we asked and put the story in verse as well! This story has far exceeded our expectations so we are very excited to share it with you and your students!

The goal of this story is to teach students the notes of the music staff (E, F, G, A, B, C, D) and where they are located on the staff. This is a wonderful introduction to students who want to start reading music. 

This story is not only magical and fun to read, but is also fun to read aloud because of the beautiful verse. The verses also provide the perfect practice lessons for your music student. Students can listen to the story, read the story and even copy the verses into their Main Lesson Books or memorize some of the verses. We have also provided pictures for you to copy onto your classroom chalkboard or for students to copy into their Main Lesson Books.

I have provided the first four pages of the book as a sample below. 

Music Mountain Sample