My Hair is a Garden: Hardcover

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Oh my! What a gorgeous book! The garden theme in this book will resonate with Waldorf educators around the globe. The theme of reverence for one’s own body/hair is a theme that can be felt by all children, regardless of heritage. This book can be used in early childhood all the way up to fourth grade. I imagine integrating it into the social studies/local geography lessons for any of the grades 1 through 4. It would also be fun to read this book during the third grade year when you will be doing an entire gardening unit with the children as well. During this year the garden theme may speak even more deeply to them.


Author: Cabrera, Cozbi A.

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After a day of being taunted by classmates about her unruly hair, Mackenzie can’t take any more and she seeks guidance from her wise and comforting neighbor, Miss Tillie. Using the beautiful garden in the backyard as a metaphor, Miss Tillie shows Mackenzie that maintaining healthy hair is not a chore nor is it something to fear. Most importantly, Mackenzie learns that natural black hair is beautiful.

“Strikes an effective balance between encouraging self-confidence and explaining step-by-step self improvement; even as Miss Tillie teaches MacKenzie the importance of washing and combing her hair, the older woman reminds the girl that her hair is a garden, and she needs to feed it with love.” —The Horn Book Magazine


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