Nutritional Well-Being Certification Course

USD $750.00

If you enroll in this class as an individual class then upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a diploma as a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC). If you are enrolled as a Naturopathic Doctorate student you will receive an ND after you complete all your courses and a certificate of completion for this one. If you are in the ND program and would like to work towards a second degree in this class please register for a Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade on this page. In this class you will learn a variety of nutritional information, including but not limited to: pros and cons of different dietary systems; diet and temperament; food temperatures and significance, correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy oils; how each specific food affects different parts of the body; how to individualize a food and supplement health program for specific needs; nutrient-dense super-foods; use of antioxidants; quality of foods; environmental nutrition and detoxification; other specialty programs; fasting; and integrating complete nutritional programs for optimal well-being and balance. Credit Hours: 84: NH101 – The Twelve Principles of Well-Being – 12 Credits; NH102 – Modern Nutritional Dangers – 12 Credits; NH103 – The Four Humors and Nutrition (Chart, Audio, Visuals) – 24 Credits
NH104 – Diets for Well-Being and Balance – 24 Credits; NH105 – Vitamins for Well-Being and Balance – 12 Credits; NH106 – The History of Kitchen “Pharmacy” – 10 Credits

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