Partner Premier Lifetime Family Curriculum Package (Includes Living Lessons)

USD $4,500.00

…we will ever publish exclusively online for the Earthschooling program. Although the curriculum is complete for preschool through G8 we add on extra videos, MP3s, enrichment, stories, holiday guides, lectures, teacher support and much more on a monthly basis so on top of each member receiving over $9,400.00 worth of materials (this is a total of $18,800.00 of materials for this two-person purchase option) for a small percentage of the price – you will receive new materials every year as well! You also receive access to all the Kids Can Heal classes (natural healing classes for kids) AND free membership in our private Facebook group and private Yahoogroup when you can post questions and receive answers 24-hours a day. The Family Curriculum Package cost changes according to how many materials are being offered at the time of enrollment.


This listing is for two members only. If you have more than two members in your co-op please see the listing, “Co-op Family Curriculum Package”. This Partner Curriculum Package is the same as the Premier Family Curriculum Package with Living Lessons which currently costs $3,500.00 but it allows two people to access the same material instead of just one family. This package allows you and your friend or family member to access to all the benefits and curriculum (preschool through G8) listed on the curriculum page, access to all conference videos, all 32 of our e-books, all teacher support videos and tutorials, access to an online vintage book library, and access to all e-books, videos, and all curriculum updates (preschool through G8). Enjoy lessons created by certified teachers and professionals

By partnering with a friend you save. This cost increases at least twice a year and sometimes more frequently depending on the expansion of our programs. This is a one-time payment. With a Family Curriculum Package you never pay anything again for homeschooling! Be sure to check out our add-ons any time during your membership period. To enhance this amazing package you have the option of adding on access to the Naturopathic Healing Course, Unani Tibb Course, Wildlife Education Materials and Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling High School Curriculum.

**Note that The Wildlife Curriculum Package is not included in the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package. This is clear on the main website, on the sale listing itself and on the official Lifetime Family Package list. However, there is a small mention in the Getting Started Guides that has caused some confusion. We are in the process of fixing all those guides. Meanwhile we are posting this as clarification.