Practical Home Care Medicine

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This little book is a gem! Like a homeopathic remedy, it’s small size belies its power to heal. Christine Murphy has gathered together what I believe is best collection of home remedies ever presented in one place. Most of them them are ones she grew up with and many of them I used for my own children. I can personally tell you that you will be astonished at how effective they are – and how quickly they act!

Author: Christine Murphy, Editor

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I can remember when one of my children would begin to get an earache, just placing a simple onion poultice on the ear brought instant pain relief and sped the healing so much that things were often back to normal within a day. Really. This is the type of remedy you will find in this wonderful book – organized by illness, with special how-to sections on preparing the compresses, poultices, baths; stocking your remedy chest, and more.

Once you start using this book, you’ll find it indispensable. And, you’ll learn so much about the gifts the world brings for our health. Recommended without hesitation and with much hope that Practical Home Care Medicine finds its way into home after home after home.

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