Secret Language of Form – Visual Meaning in Art and Nature

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As background information for anyone teaching art, The Secret Language of Form just can’t be beat.  The pleasures of discovery that lie within this book are so exhilarating that you may want a cup of soothing herb tea alongside so that you won’t interrupt yourself too often by jumping up and singing for happiness.

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Van James has explored form as it emerges from nature and finds its way into art and from there into the human soul. His journey into the heart of meaning as we humans find it among the many forms Creation has given us constitutes a tour through an Earthly-Cosmic landscape that is at once always grounded yet never removed from spiritual reality. Hundreds of photos, drawings, and paintings greet you to illustrate each illuminate each of the author’s observations; and, to evoke wonder and awe in your own heart. This is a feast of beautiful awakening.

Visit this book again and again, to study closely, to keep at hand for those times when inspiration seems far away, for surely you will find it anew within its pages.


Part One: The Formative Nature of Art

  • Primal Images
  • Archetypal Images
    • Curve and Straight Line: The Alphabet of Form
    • Point and Dot: Origin
    • Circle and Spiral: Wholeness and Eternity
    • Chevron, Zigzag and Lattice: Patterns of Humanity
    • Ladder, Spine and Tree: The Ascent
    • Symmetry: The Lawfulness of Balance
    • Cross and Swastika: Death and Transformation
  • Archetypal Themes in Art<
    • Mandala: Picture of the Universal Self
    • Labyrinth and Maze: Journey to the Center of the Universe
    • Thread and Knot: The World Weaves

Part Two: The Formative Art of Nature

  • The Essential Gesture
  • The Open Secret

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