Sing a Song with Baby – Songbook & CD

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For a caress is abode and shelter;
I caress the child
so as to protect her
and bring her joy . . .
Thereby she receives a sign
on the velvet of her face.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery “The City in the Desert”

The songs in The Sing a Song with Baby are indeed caresses – of laughter, the joy of discover, of head-to-toe delight and soft soothing wonder…

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Mary Thienes-Schunemann has created exactly the songbooks that I have for years heard adults who care for children begging for. This songbook offers up a feast of parent-baby games, bounces and joy – all beautiful and deliciously musical. It comes with a CD you can use to hear Mary sing all the songs in a voice so pure and simple it can bring tears (of joy and gratitude) to your eyes. And thus, in joy and beauty you can learn these songs and share them with your beloved children – who will bring your their giggles and squeals and joy again and again and again.

One of our customers writes:

At the time we ordered the songbooks from you, my new son was about two months old and Grace, my 2 year old daughter, seemed to be doing the “big sister withdrawal” that older siblings sometimes do . . . The music, and the beautiful drawings, drew her in right away. Especially The Singing Baby, which incorporates so much play and touching, was just what we needed to reconnect. Of course, when she was avoiding physical contact it was really that she wanted it very much because she saw how much Luke was getting. This allowed us to get close again in a happy, fun way.

– RD in Massachusetts

50 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Spiral Bound. Includes Audio CD.

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