Sixth Grade Geology Block: Living Lessons – Year Access

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You choose when the year access starts! Let us know if you want it to start on a different day than today or if you need to extend it a bit at the end (up to 6 months extension available).

Join Waldorf teacher Mr. Andrea for an adventure through Geography. This block is part of the sixth grade Ancient Civilizations series/block. However, it is appropriate for any student age 10 and up. Each Living Lesson set is a complete video course for the block and includes chalkboard drawings, teacher instruction, main lesson book drawings, music, watercolor, and more. The exact contents of the block can be found below in the description.


What are Living Lessons?

Living Lessons are not an online school. Our goal is and always has been to assist the parent/teacher in their own classroom. We also feel it is important that the parent/teacher remains involved in the lessons to stay true to the Waldorf methods. So Living Lessons are a classroom assistant for you and a way for you to become a better teacher by having another teacher lead, guide, and inspire you. Here are some ways in which you may use the Living Lessons:

1. You are homeschooling multiple ages and need a virtual teacher now and then so you can offer each of your students individual attention.

2. You are looking for a virtual classroom experience with a Waldorf teacher.

3. You need a break now and then from homeschooling full time.

4. You want to enhance your own skill set by watching other teachers present Waldorf lessons.

5. You want to join a community of other parents experiencing Living Lessons with opportunities for your kids to connect with other kids in the program.

6. You are running a business or working from home and need a virtual teacher to help you homeschool.

7. You recently moved or are experiencing health challenges that make it hard to homeschool full time.

8. You are new to homeschooling and need a boost of confidence to start off your year.

9. You are new to Waldorf education.

10. You feel overwhelmed with the prospect of homeschooling or you have been forced into homeschooling by the pandemic and are feeling lost.


Geography Block with Waldorf Teacher Mr. Andrea

Geology Lesson #1: Intro to Geology and Earth Stewardship
Geology Lesson #2: Mountains as the Children of the Earth
Geology Lesson #3: Young and Old Mountains
Geology Lesson #4: The Oldest Rock on Earth 
Geology Lesson #5: Granite and Basalt 
Geology Lesson #6: Basalt and the Giants Causeway
Geology Lesson #7: Layers of the Earth
Geology Lesson #8: Volcanoes 
Geology Lesson #8B: How to Write Organized, Beautiful, and Descriptive Narrative Essays: Climbing the Volcano Arenal
G6: Lesson 9: Pompei Main Lesson
G6: Lesson 9B: Pompei Creative Writing
G6: Lesson 9C: Pompei – Creating a Baking Soda Volcano 
6th Grade lesson #10 – Earthquakes 
6th Grade lesson #11 – The Origins of Limestone
6th Grade lesson #12 – Limestone and Marble 
6th Grade lesson #13 – Coal
6th Grade lesson #14 – The Work of Water
6th Grade lesson #14B – Cave Chalk Drawing
6th Grade lesson #15 – The Circulation of Water
6th Grade lesson #15B – Writing About the Imaginary Travels of Water

6th Grade Lesson #19: Biography of the Grand Canyon
6th Grade Lesson #18: Geysers
6th Grade Lesson #16: The Work of Wind
6th Grade Lesson #16B: Drawing of How Wind Convection Works
6th Grade Lesson #17: Glaciers
6th Grade Lesson #18B: Making a Homemade Geyser
Reviewing a Block: Plus Geography Quiz (+PDF)
How to Set Up Your Paint Supplies for Watercolor Painting: Grades 5 and Up
6th Grade Lesson #19B: Watercolor Portrait of the Grand Canyon