Temple Cat

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“The best thing about this book is how realistic it is (well at least until the cat doesn’t want to be treated like royalty)! I lived in Cairo for 6 years and the history of Ancient Egypt can definitely be told by a cat! Cats are and always have been an integral part of the Egyptian culture – even into the modern day. They are not owned, but they have their place in the market, in the stores, on top of a vegetable cart, and yes – even in the temple! They see everything so what if one could talk?” – Kristie Burns, Earthschooling

Author: Andrew Clements

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The publisher says, “”This endearing tale is sure to find favor wherever cat stories are in demand. Worshipped as a god with servants to coddle him, a temple cat in ancient Egypt yearns for the freedom to live as a normal feline . . .”

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