The Genius of Play

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This is essential reading. – Christopher Clouder, Alliance for Childhood

Sally Jenkinson explores the secrets of play through moving stories and research. And what she reveals to all of is that play is essential for children’s health, for their future as adults, and for the future of our world.

The author, a mother and former Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten teacher doesn’t miss a beat in this extremely inportant book. She asks:

Author: Sally Jenkinson

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  • What do children express in their play?
  • How does play help develop empathy and social skills?
  • How are children invluenced by inappropriate toys, TV and consumerism?
  • How does play develop children’s imaginations?
  • Why do children need adults who encourage play?
  • How lively childhood players become creative adult thinkers.

If you want to enter and understand this world of childhood, or if you want to make considered, healthy choices for your own child, this book is what you’ve been looking for. Thank you, Sally Jenkinson!!

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