The Science and Art of Healing

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This is a remarkable book by a most experienced healer. It is a healing experience to read it . . .

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The Science and Art of Healing has been in and out of print since it first appeared about 15 years ago – those who managed to obtain copies before they disappeared from the shelves held them close – guarding them like the treasures they were.

Author: Ralph Twentyman, Introduction by Owen Barfield

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Being able to offer it once again is a great pleasure to me – and heartening in that the voice of one of the most insightful modern healers can again be heard.

Dr. Twentyman is a homeopath with decades of experience with both the materia medica and approach of Hahnemann and its variations that are found in anthroposophical medicine. Further, he is someone who has taken a longer view of the nature of illness and disease, discovering the relationship of historical and societal changes to the prevalance of types of illness.

If you are interested in healing and the healing arts, you will want to read this book. You will find both a deep teacher and a very good friend.

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