The Secret Pet

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Shelley Davidow has again gifted young readers – this time with a chapter book written to follow her beautiful Early Readers books. In it, we meet again several of the characters from her introductory series, most notably the boy Tim and Jake the (magical) Snake. Tim and Jake become fast friends, both of them deciding that they simply must be together. This entails Tim sneaking Jake into his home (Tim’s mother is not all that fond of snakes) and into school (where pet’s really aren’t invited). Through their adventures, they both discover some truths about the differences between life in the wilds and in a home, and how it is that we change our habits and inclinations out of love for each other. Not to mention that by the end of this reader your student will have mastered the basics of decoding, punctuation meaning and sentence structure. Wonderful!

Grades 2-3

112 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 2012

Author: Shelley Davidow

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