The Star Children: Softcover Edition

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In this beautifully illustrated story, the Star Children see children playing on the earth below and want to visit them. The Mother-of-Us-All grants their wish and sends them down to experience a day with the earth children. Their awe, joy and presence in nature on their journey is an invitation to be fully present and just BE.

Author: Lila Strand

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The Star Children via
The Star Children via

This lovely, gentle book makes a wonderful bedtime story. On the surface it is a simple poetic story that can be enjoyed as is. But the pages are also like doors that lead us out of the materialistic box of linear thinking, to all the possibilities that exist beyond and behind the physical world, and within ourselves.

A book to charm and nourish the soul for readers of all ages. A must-have for every Waldorf-inspired home or classroom. Very highly recommended!

9 1/4″ x 10 1/4″, 2016.

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