Topics in Mathematics for Waldorf High Schools

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This book lays out topics for the study of mathematics in Waldorf High Schools. It provides anecdotes and humor to stir the feelings of interest in adolescence. See the Table of Contents below…

Author: Ron Jarman

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
Class 9: Mathematics

Chapter 2
Class 9: Geometry

Chapter 3
Other Mathematical Topics Suitable for Class 9 or Class 10

Chapter 4
Class 10: Mathematics

Chapter 5
Class 10: Trigonometry

Chapter 6
Class 10: Projective Geometry

Chapter 7
The Transition from the First Half to the Second Half of the High School: Logarithms, Spirals and Progressions

Chapter 8
Class 11: Differential Calculus

Chapter 9
Class 11: Projective Geometry

Chapter 10
Class 11: Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Chapter 11
Class 12: Integral Calculus

Chapter 12
Class 12: Three Dimensional Projective Geometry

Chapter 13
Path Curves and Their Applications to Plant Buds and Leaves and to Planetary Alignments

Chapter 14
Class 12: Computers, Calculators and Chaos Theory

Chapter 15
Concluding Chapter

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