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In the Waldorf curriculum, Trigonometry is taught in 12th grade. Harry Kretz has created a beautiful course that is a nearly perfect conclusion to a student’s Waldorf education.In his lessons, he uses all sorts of commonly available materials – making the point that expensive laboratories are not necessary for teaching basic scientific principles. The simplicity of the lessons is of the sort that leads to deep thinking and sound understanding – as well as genuine student interest in the subject.

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In his own words:

By practical, I mean an approach that involves the student’s whole self so as to develop clarity of thought and an enthusiastic involvement in challenging, meaningful activities. If students work outdoors, as well as at their desks, measuring distances and angles, the topics under discussion are better understood. But if time is spent outdoors, I suggest that the course be scheduled in the fall or spring.

The manual covers:

  • Right Triangle Calculations
  • Oblique Triangle Calculations
  • Problems in Surveying

and has many helpful notes and suggestions

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