What Is Waldorf Education?

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A great little introductory book – three of Steiner’s most readable lectures (“A Lecture to Prospective Parents,” a public lecture on Waldorf Education given in Arrau, and a lecture to English educators) accompanied by an exhilarating introduction by Sagarin.

With this one volume you can learn what Steiner wanted his pedagogical approach to accomplish and enter into what I believe is a seminal discussion by Sagarin about what this education is really all about (hint: the name of the school isn’t the answer).

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I would give this book to anyone wanting to learn more about as Waldorf Education. It is the best way I’ve seen so far of introducing the living intent and human goals of of this approach to education. It is inspiring, liberating, and as alive as it was on the day the Waldorf School of Stuttgart first opened its doors. Plus, it is in clear, modern English!

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