Cultural Enrichment & Language Lessons

This set of lessons includes a set of Waldorf Enrichment Lessons for ages kindergarten to fourth grade. This set of lessons includes lesson blocks for many different cultures and languages including:

*The Spanish Alphabet: Waldorf Style

*The Arabic Alphabet: Waldorf Style

*French, German & Spanish verses for circle time

*A Year of Waldorf Watercolor Verses in Spanish

*Stories in Spanish 

*Cultural lesson blocks for Hindu & Buddhist culture

*Cultural lesson blocks for Indian & Australian cultures

*Art & Form Drawing with Arabic Calligraphy

*Teacher Support Videos, E-books & MP3s

*The Guide, “How to Teach a Second Language)

You retain access to these lessons for life. You can use these lessons for multiple children, multiple years, for classrooms and even for weekend programs.

Price: $115.00

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Form Drawing Package

This package includes the complete form drawing blocks for grades first through sixth grade. Form drawing lessons include stories, methodology tips and step-by-step drawings as well as Main Lesson Book samples for each grade. This set also comes with the video “How to Teach Form Drawing” by Waldorf teacher Diane Power.

The value of this package is $115.00. However, when you purchase all the items together the cost is only $75.00. This package is also being offered as a “first release” sale until June 5th, 2016 at midnight as this is the first listing on our website for this item.

The Video, “How to Teach Form Drawing” is a visual tutorial by Diane Power that takes you on a journey from the very first steps of form drawing to form drawing in the upper grades. This video offers you the meaning behind the forms, lesson ideas, visuals on how exactly to draw the forms and tips on how to draw some of the more difficult forms.

In the video Diane Power talks about how form drawing is the first steps of geometry, how to progress into using more colors in form drawing, & what your very first form drawing lesson will be on the first day of first grade. She will also cover:

*How to create the basic line
*How to create the curved line
*Activities to do before drawing the forms
*The meaning behind the forms
*Connection between geography and form drawing
*Developing small motor skills
*Specific types of crayons & pencils to use
*Length of time to spend on forms & form drawing lessons
*Form drawing with right & left hands
*Body posture in form drawing
*What finished work looks like
*Form drawing off the paper

*Spirals and their creation
*Practice forms
*Form drawing mistakes
*Moods and form drawing
*Form drawing as a transition activity
*Verses & advanced activities for spiral forms
*Stories & form drawing
*Planning the entire form drawing lesson
*Music cues and the form drawing lesson
*Form drawing as a precursor to cursive
*Mirrored forms
*How form drawing helps with writing & penmanship
*How much can the teacher help?

*How form drawing relates to the themes of the grade
*How to create metamorphic forms
*Different stroke methods
*Metamorphosis of a circle
*Third grade forms & balance
*Development of body orientation, body geography, inner visualization and observation
*How to present the forms as a teacher
*Shares notes of wisdom from her own teacher training that her teacher shared with her


How to Teach Form Drawing: Sample 

Price: $75.00

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Waldorf Math Package

This package contains all the math guidance you need to teach Waldorf inspired math to students in grades one through eight. This package comes with more than 25 illustrated full-color e-books, two videos, and ten sample main lesson books as well as access to member photo galleries. This package also includes curated links to practice problems. These problems correspond with the e-book lessons so that once you learn the concepts you will not need to take extra time to think up additional problems to challenge your students. When purchased individually this set of lesson blocks would cost $210.00. When you purchase all the blocks together you save 25%. 

This package is for you if your older child needs to “catch up” with Waldorf math concepts, if you are teaching Waldorf inspired math to multiple ages or if you simply want to add some Waldorf inspired math to your existing classroom or homeschooling program.

Feedback: We have been really loving the math story! My kiddo counts down until it is time to do our story each day. She wanted to actually buy items at the bazaar, so she gets a handful of jewels each day and she has to figure out what she can afford. Bravo to the creator of this math block. It is spectacular! – January Jordan

Some highlights from this package include:

First Grade: This block includes “The Basics of Waldorf Math”, “Sixth Sense Math” (First Grade Math Waldorf Style with Extras), and access to all the Main Lesson Book pages for first grade math. You will learn how to teach the four processes of math through traditional gnome stories and original Earthschooling stories, explore numbers and math in a natural and deep sense and much more. This is our most popular lesson block.

Second Grade: This lesson block contains everything you need for second grade Waldorf math including insights from Steiner, “Is My Child Ready for Second Grade Math”?, Main Lesson Book tips, daily practice guide, an original place value story by Kristie, math in fables and even math in saint and hero stories and a watercolor painting math lesson! Original illustrations included. This includes access to all the second grade Main Lesson Book math pages.

Third Grade: This lesson block contains everything you need for third grade Waldorf math including insights from Steiner, Main Lesson Book tips, and a daily practice guide. Lesson include double digit multiplication, long division, measuring concepts, time, money and more. This includes access to all the third grade Main Lesson Book math pages.

Fourth Grade: Fractions through cooking, factoring, long division, weights and measures, reduction and expansion of fractions, insights from Steiner and creative approaches to all concepts. Illustrations included as well as access to all the fourth grade Main Lesson Book pages for math.

Fifth Grade: In this block we will learn how to create a time-line, how to find averages, use decimals, figure out word-problems, and measure time, space and weight. This is all you need for Waldorf fifth grade math and also includes access to all the Main Lesson book pages for fifth grade math.

Sixth Grade: In this block we will explore graphs, business math, beginning algebra, exchange, estimation, and formulas for area and volume. This block also includes the breathtaking “Divisions of a Circle” form drawing/math lessons and “How to Start a Business for Kids”.

Seventh Grade: This block includes the following: Algebra/Simple Equations, Geometry – Area, Perimeter & The Golden Mean; Negative Numbers, Root Numbers, and everything you need for seventh grade math.

Eighth Grade:  This block includes advanced algebra lessons, problem-solving, working with ratios and proportions, factoring and the four processes. The eagerly awaited and delightful Platonic Solids Block (three dimensional geometry) is included in this package. Students will also work on the Pythagorean theorem, solving equations, area of parabolic curves and statistics.

Old Price: $210.00

Price: $150.00

You save: $60.00

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Photography Class

This class is designed for students interested in learning about photography or practicing their passion for photography. This class includes instruction on basic photographic technique, 100 days of practice lessons, a section on wildlife photography, portraits, action photography, close-up photography, art and abstract photography and much more. At the end of this course there is an online exhibit of student work with awards.

All student work is critiqued by the instructor in the forum.

This class includes 9-weeks of video sessions where students work through the material together. However, students can also work at their own pace.

Save $25.00 by paying in full now using the “add to cart” button below or pay for this class with a payment plan…

Pay with $25.00 a Month Payment Plan

Future photography classes are included in the price so your student can “pop into” the classroom any time in the future after they finish the class and meet other students. Enrolled students remain a member of the class and the student chat room for life.

Instructor Kristie Burns was a photo-journalist in Chicago for three years covering presidential elections and protests at the time. Later she was a photo-journalist in The Middle East for 16-years and has exhibited photos on the “Women of Egypt” as well as covering treks through the desert with nomads, street life in Cairo and tourism in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Her work has been published internationally including Lonely Planet Guides (Egypt 1986-1996 editions) and even a Hollywood movie (the original Stargate). Kristie is currently working on a photo documentary called Earthschooling365.

The RECORDED VERSION of this class is included in the High School Curriculum Package. However, if the student would like to experience personal teacher feedback and evaluations they will need to pay an upgrade fee as live classes and tutoring are not included in the high school curriculum package.

Current Earthschooling high school students can pay the upgrade fee of $50.00 HERE.

New students can register using the button below…


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Price: $150.00

You save: $25.00

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Waldorf Cultural Enrichment Lessons

This set of lessons includes a set of Waldorf Enrichment Lessons for ages kindergarten to fourth grade. The cultural focus of these lessons is Arabic and Islamic culture. This set of lessons includes lesson blocks for Ramadan and all the other Islamic months of the year. Activities, lessons, stories and verses focus on Islamic themes for each month and follow the Islamic Waldorf year rather than the Western calendar year. Other extras that are included with these enrichment lessons are:

*The Arabic Alphabet: Waldorf Style

*Math & Culture with the Arabic Market

*Art & Form Drawing with Arabic Calligraphy

*Teacher Support Videos, E-books & MP3s

*The Guide, “My Islamic Waldorf Year”

Cost for this program is less than $10.00 a month the first year and after that you retain access to these lessons for life. You can use these lessons for multiple children, multiple years, for classrooms and even for weekend programs.

Price: $115.00

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Language Arts Package

This package includes ALL the language lessons from First Grade to Eighth Grade (see individual listings for details). The regular cost for all of these lessons would be over $200.00  (including the eighth grade block that is still unlisted). Purchasing all these language blocks together you receive a discount.

Old Price: $125.00

Price: $95.00

You save: $30.00

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