Would you like Dr. Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D. to speak at your event or hold a day or weekend seminar/workshop for your group? Dr. Burns travels internationally and gives workshops on herbal healing, aromatherapy, homeopathy, reflexology, iridology, Waldorf education, parenting and any other topic covered by The BEarth Institute.

Photography Class

This class is designed for students interested in learning about photography or practicing their passion for photography. This class includes instruction on basic photographic technique, 100 days of practice lessons, a section on wildlife photography, portraits, action photography, close-up photography, art and abstract photography and much more. At the end of this course there is an online exhibit of student work with awards.

All student work is critiqued by the instructor in the forum.

This class includes 9-weeks of video sessions where students work through the material together. However, students can also work at their own pace.


Future photography classes are included in the price so your student can “pop into” the classroom any time in the future after they finish the class and meet other students. Enrolled students remain a member of the class and the student chat room for life.

Instructor Kristie Burns was a photo-journalist in Chicago for three years covering presidential elections and protests at the time. Later she was a photo-journalist in The Middle East for 16-years and has exhibited photos on the “Women of Egypt” as well as covering treks through the desert with nomads, street life in Cairo and tourism in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Her work has been published internationally including Lonely Planet Guides (Egypt 1986-1996 editions) and even a Hollywood movie (the original Stargate). Kristie is currently working on a photo documentary called Earthschooling365.

The RECORDED VERSION of this class is included in the High School Curriculum Package. However, if the student would like to experience personal teacher feedback and evaluations they will need to pay an upgrade fee as live classes and tutoring are not included in the high school curriculum package.

Current Earthschooling high school students can pay the upgrade fee of $50.00 HERE.

New students can register using the button below…


Old Price: $175.00

Price: $150.00

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How to Determine Their Temperament (And Yours)

One Hour Video + Handout + Charts

Due to popular demand we have created this one hour video focused on teaching you how to determine the temperaments of your friends, family and students. This video seminar will also help you determine your own temperament. You will learn the main differences between the temperaments as well as the subtle differences that can help you decide which temperament a person is. This seminar has been well received at Waldorf schools and conferences as it involves hands-on methods of learning that parents, teachers and other participants have found enjoyable and educational.

The most popular question we receive from parents and teachers is “How can I tell what temperament (person) is?” or “I have it narrowed down to two. How do I decide between the two?”. Another popular statement we hear is, “I thought I was (temperament) for years but it now I am starting to question that. Can you help?”

This seminar answers all those questions and makes determining a person’s temperament much easier.

This seminar does include a summary of all the temperaments and some basic information on working with them. However, the main focus on this seminar is in helping people determine the temperaments in other people and themselves. If you have found this process challenging then this seminar is for you!

This video is free with the Teacher Support Package and the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package. This seminar was filmed at an outdoor Waldorf retreat.

Price: $15.00

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Workshop Deposit

Dr. Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D. offers workshops around the world on any of the topics found here on The BEarth Institute website. If you would like to invite her to speak at your conference or offer a local workshop please contact her via CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com to arrange the details (time, date, topic and cost). Workshop and speaking fees are $600.00 a day and $400.00 for a half day. In addition, all travel expenses (food, lodging and transport) will be paid by the hosting organization or group. An additional travel fee is required if your location is more than an 8-hour drive from Des Moines, Iowa.

Price: $200.00

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