Fourth Grade Book List

In Class Four children have developed to a point where they can be led into the history and geography of their locality. Tumultuous stories of Norse mythology teach about character and individuality in a complex world. Children begin to learn about their place in the surrounding environment with the study of local geography and map making….” – From Waldorf 101

Acquire the books below at your favorite bookstore or library or receive a complete set of fourth grade books FREE with the Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling Fourth Grade Curriculum.*

Norse Mythology
D’Aulaires Norse Myths
The Sea Scrolls
D’Aulaires Leif Erickson
Rolf and the Viking Bow
The Sampo
Beorn the Proud


*Books with the curriculum may or may not include the community suggested books listed above but they do contain all the books your child needs for fourth grade as recommended by Waldorf teachers.

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