Third Grade Book List

Note: “By the third grade, children are beginning to comprehend the difference between self and other and wonder where in the scheme of things they belong. To fortify their growing personal identity, they read creation and Old Testament stories. Around the age of nine comes a very important psychological change. The child has a stronger experience of its own individuality or identity (ego) and therefore begins to question adult authority. it may feel isolated from family and friends and therefore need more sympathy and firmness from teachers and parents. Again, the subjects given to Class Three are carefully chosen and timed to relate to this inner psychological change….In the main lesson they learn about occupations such as house building, farming and traditional crafts. How do farmers provide our food.” – From Waldorf 101

Acquire the books below at your favorite bookstore or library or receive a complete set of third grade books FREE with the Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling Third Grade Curriculum.*

Farmer Boy
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The story of Almanzo’s, (Laura’s husband), childhood on a farm.


*Books with the curriculum may or may not include the community suggested books listed above but they do contain all the books your child needs for third grade as recommended by Waldorf teachers.

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