Second Grade: Math


The Earthschooling materials provide a solid foundation for each grade in the math concepts the student needs to know for that grade. Concepts are described in a step-by-step easy-to-understand manner and often come with stories, illustrations, examples, and a few practice problems. Once a teacher has taught the math basics they need to make sure the student practices these basics at least 3 times a week for ten-fifteen minutes a day. Many teachers/parents will create problems on the board each day based on the original lessons. For example, once the student learns 2 + 3 = 5 it is easy for the teacher to create new problems on the board for the student.

However, modern times have provided modern Waldorf teachers with something that makes their lives a bit easier. Many I have talked to have shared with me that they will print of free worksheets online and then copy the problems on the board for the students to do each day. Below I have provided some of their favorite free online resources for you, the teacher, to use for daily practice.*

*Note that these are not required – many teachers will create their own practice problems based on life in the classroom or the needs of their students.

It is important you first teach the methods of solving the problems using the Earthschooling math block before you use these worksheets and activities. These are only intended to provide you will practice problems after the student understands the Earthschooling Waldorf method of solving them.

Useful Math Charts/Reference Posters to Print

Multiplication Facts 1-12 as a Useful One Page Chart

Worksheets for Teacher Resource

As a teacher you will write these problems on the board for the student to practice. Be sure to note that at the top of each of the pages below there are boxes that say “A, B, C, etc…”. These are all different worksheets. So the worksheet we are linking you to is just one. However, you have ten more worksheets you can link to from that same page. They all contain answer keys.

Addition Frenzy (Adding Numbers 11-20)

Identifying Place Value (Up to 100)

Multiplying by 11 and 12

Double Digit and Single Digit Addition Practice

Double Digit Addition Practice

Adding 3 Two-Digit Numbers (Advanced Students Only)

Two-Digit Subtraction

Two-Digit Subtraction (With Regrouping)

Making Number Patterns

Magic Squares for Math Practice Fun 

Magic Hexagons (Leave out the red – those are the answers)

Triangle Puzzles (Leave out the red – those are the answers)

Triangle Puzzles #2 (Leave out the red – those are the answers)

Tree Adding Puzzles (Leave out the red – those are the answers)

Two-Digit by One-Digit Multiplication (Advanced Only)

Two-Digit by Two-Digit Multiplication (Advanced Only)

Two-Digit by One-Digit Division

Two-Digit by Two-Digit Division (Advanced Only)

Dividing by Multiples of Ten (Advanced Only)


Creative Projects for Teachers to Present

The Land of Pome Math Stories: These are wonderful stories you can use to help children with first and second grade math concepts.

Practice for Odd and Even Numbers

Place Value – Creative Activities


Some teachers need this to fulfill core curriculum standards in their region. We recommend you use the worksheets as teacher inspiration but use real coins with the students.

Counting Money (USA)

Counting Money (Canada)

Counting Money (UK)

Counting Money (Australia)


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